Become a GoNaked Travel Affiliate! Earn Cash


GoNaked Travels is kicking off something super cool,
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GoNaked Travels is launching an affiliate program, and it's your ticket to earning some extra cash just by doing what you do best—sharing your love for epic adventures with your circle.


Here’s the deal: Sign up for the affiliate program, grab your special booking code, tell your friends about the awesome travel adventures at GoNaked, and then just chill while your friends book their next adventure using your code.


Every booking they make nets you a cool 10% of the deal. Here's what that looks like: helping a buddy book a $2699 trip puts a nice $269 in your pocket, and a couple going for that $5700 package? Boom, that's $570 for you!


All you gotta do is hit me up with an email, drop "Affiliate" in the subject line, and you're in. Let’s make your connections count and add some extra padding to your wallet. With GoNaked Travels, it's all about sharing the love and getting rewarded for it.


Let's dive in and make it happen!



GoNaked Travels Affiliate Program Terms of Service

1. Agreement Duration and Termination

This Affiliate Agreement is effective indefinitely but may be terminated by either GoNaked Travels or the Affiliate at any time for any reason, including but not limited to misuse of the program, defamation of GoNaked Travels, or failure to comply with the terms of this agreement. Termination may occur with or without notice.

2. Affiliate Responsibilities

Affiliates are expected to promote GoNaked Travels in a manner that is consistent with the promotional materials and descriptions provided on the trip page. Affiliates may not promise any benefits or conditions not explicitly stated by GoNaked Travels. Upon request, GoNaked Travels will provide approved graphics for promotional use.

3. Promotional Restrictions

Affiliates are prohibited from sending spam or unsolicited emails. Communications about GoNaked Travels should be sent to approved mailing lists, friends, family, and followers on social media. Promotion on websites, blogs, and other digital platforms is encouraged, provided it complies with this agreement.

4. Payment Terms

Affiliates will earn a 10% commission on the base cost of trips booked through their affiliate link. Commissions do not apply to insurance, excursions, or any additional extras. Payments will be made via Stripe, Venmo, Google Cash, or Cash App within 48 hours of the traveler's arrival for their trip. There is no minimum earnings threshold. No payments will be made for bookings that are canceled.

5. Disputes and Chargebacks

In the event of a dispute or chargeback, GoNaked Travels will investigate the claim and make a determination in good faith. If a booking is found to be fraudulent or subject to a chargeback, the affiliate's earnings for that booking will be revoked. Affiliates are encouraged to resolve any disputes directly with GoNaked Travels in a timely manner.

6. Modifications to Terms

GoNaked Travels reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes and will have the option to terminate their agreement if they do not agree with the modifications.

7. Affiliate Tracking

Referrals must be tracked through GoNaked Travels' affiliate software, triggered by the use of the affiliate's unique link. Affiliates must use their link in all promotions to receive credit for referrals.

8. Legal Compliance

Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that their promotional activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Affiliates are also responsible for their own tax obligations related to earnings from the GoNaked Travels Affiliate Program.

By participating in the GoNaked Travels Affiliate Program, affiliates agree to abide by these Terms of Service and acknowledge that failure to comply may result in termination from the program and forfeiture of any earned commissions.