2024 Photo Challenges

Hey there, my little Shutterbugs!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling and imaginative journey through 2024 with our monthly photo challenges! This year, we're pushing the envelope like never before, diving into a sea of creativity that will challenge your skills, tickle your fancy, and perhaps even change the way you see the world—and yourself.

Each month comes with its own unique theme, crafted to spark your creativity and inspire you to new heights of artistic expression. So, grab your cameras, brainstorm your ideas, and prepare for a year of unforgettable and daring photographic adventures!

The links will be available in the Bare Bulletin soon. Stay tuned for more!

Monthly Challenges:

  • January - The Hairy Issue
    • New Year's Resolutions: Write your Resolution on a piece of paper and pose with it
    • Fire and Ice: Contrast the elements in a single, powerful image.
  • February
    • Leap Year Lore: Capture the thrill of mid-air magic. Jump in the air and capture that photo!
    • Heart on my Sleeve: Put a heart on your sleeve (or anywhere) and pose!
  • March
    • Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Play with reflections to create captivating images.
    • Face Down, Ass Up: Bold and unapologetic expressions of self.
  • April
  • May
    • Furniture Fun: Reinvent the purpose and perspective of furniture.
    • Pattern Play: Explore the mesmerizing world of patterns.
  • June - PRIDE issue
    • Celebrate diversity and identity with colorful and bold expressions.
  • July
    • Graffiti Glam: Blend urban art with the beauty of the human form.
    • Botanical Odyssey: Meld with nature in lush, green spaces.
  • August
    • Stay tuned for a sizzling and sensational surprise theme!
  • September - October
    • A month full of surprises: Locktober, Clocktober, Rocktober, Jocktober, and Crocktober - each one brings a new twist!
  • November - December
    • End the year with reflective, festive, and mysterious themes, yet to be unveiled!

This year, GoNaked Magazine is all about exploration, innovation, and the joy of creation. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a newcomer to the art, these challenges are your playground. They're an invitation to experiment, to see the ordinary in extraordinary ways, and to share your unique vision with a community that celebrates the art of being authentically and unapologetically you.

We're beyond excited to see your interpretations of these themes. Your individuality and creativity are what fuel this community and make it a vibrant, diverse, and inspiring space. Get ready to surprise yourself, to discover new facets of your talent, and to connect with others who share your passion for artistic exploration.

2024 in GoNaked Magazine is not just another year; it's a canvas waiting for your masterpiece. Let's make it epic!