How To Submit Your Photos to Be Featured

Want to Be a Featured Nudist in GoNaked Magazine?


Each month we try to feature 1-4 each month and we love featuring men who have a story to tell. Maybe that's you?


Interested? Here's what you need:


You need a few short paragraphs about yourself (approx 50-400 words). Tell us about yourself, what you believe in, what you want to accomplish, how you became a nudist, what you do in your time off…tell us the most awesome parts of yourself! The platform is open and you should use it as a way for guys to get to know you. Pretend it’s a first date with our readers and seduce them into wanting to know more about you. :)  (If you need a list of questions to help you get going, see the list of questions at the bottom of this page)


Make sure you include ways for readers to get in touch with you (email) and follow you on social media if you want.


You can include between 6-12 photos. You will want variety in your photos. (Different poses, locations, accessories, etc.) You don’t want the photos to look like they were all taken in 15 minutes in the same corner of your home. Send in photos you have or take some new ones. As long as it looks like you — go for it!


Please be aware that we are a full-frontal magazine. You don’t have to show your dick in all of your photos, but we do need you to be fully nude in order to be featured. We accept both flaccid and erect photographs, but we do not accept any cum shots or open hole. 


PLEASE don't send more than 12 photos. If you send more than 12 photos or a link to an online photo storage, your entry will be deleted.



When you have everything together, upload it here:


PLEASE take your time putting together your photos and bio. I want to give you the best representation I can. 


Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for considering this invitation. 


Here's a list of questions that you can answer for your article (You do not need to answer them all)


    1. What first sparked your interest in nudism, and how did you begin your journey?
    2. Can you share a memorable experience you've had at a nudist event or location?
    3. How has nudism influenced your perception of yourself and others?
    4. What do you find most liberating about the nudist lifestyle?
    5. How do you approach the topic of nudism with friends or family who may not understand it?
    6. Can you talk about a time when you felt particularly connected to a community or nature while practicing nudism?
    7. What misconceptions about nudism would you like to dispel?
    8. How has your background or profession influenced your views on nudism?
    9. What hobbies or interests do you pursue in your nudist lifestyle?
    10. Can you describe a moment when you felt exceptionally free or empowered while nude?
    11. How do you balance your nudist lifestyle with other aspects of your personal and professional life?
    12. What advice would you give to someone curious about exploring nudism?
    13. Are there any books, movies, or other resources on nudism that you've found inspiring or enlightening?
    14. How do you see the nudist movement evolving, and what role do you hope to play in it?
    15. Can you share an experience where you had to confront or overcome stigma related to nudism?
    16. What does a typical day look like for you when practicing nudism?
    17. How do you incorporate the principles of nudism into your daily life, even when clothed?
    18. Can you discuss a challenge you’ve faced in your nudist lifestyle and how you overcame it?
    19. What are your favorite nudist destinations or events, and why?
    20. Looking forward, what aspirations do you have for your personal journey in nudism?